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Wandering through Washington – Snoqualmie Edition

2017!  (Yes, I know we are over halfway through February, but it’s still 2017!) A new year usually means a new project, so I started brainstorming what the new project could be.  I wanted to push myself in an area that would require more thoughtful compositions and street savvy photography skills, so began my desire to photograph small towns around Washington.  When I mentioned this to my dear friend, who is also a local photographer, she was excited to join in and even branded our new project for us – “Wandering through Washington”. (Thanks Cicely!)

For January, we decided to wander through historic Snoqualmie.  We visit Snoqualmie, as a family, quite often – there are great parks, classes, yummy restaurants, an old-fashioned candy/ice cream shop, gorgeous falls and mountains, trains, and even a herd of elk!  For this project, we’re primarily focusing on the main streets, but I can assure you, there are lots of other things to photograph and do there.  It’s located approximately 25 miles east of Seattle and has a population of about 13,000 people.

We met up on the main street and wandered over to the train station and the Northwest Railway Museum.  Kellie Brindley Photography 100-1Kellie Brindley Photography 100-3Kellie Brindley Photography 100-4Kellie Brindley Photography 100-5

Then we decided to head over to the shops.  There’s an amazing Centennial mural based on a 1949 photograph by Ward Keller when Snoqualmie was a big mill town.Kellie Brindley Photography 100-6

Our wandering took us to the antique store, where we spent a fair amount of our time.  It was at his point that I decided to switch to my Lensbaby.Kellie Brindley Photography 100-7Kellie Brindley Photography 100-8Kellie Brindley Photography 100-9Kellie Brindley Photography 100-10

With a park nearby, we wandered over to get some more sun and take a peek at the river.  Kellie Brindley Photography 100-11

It was almost time to part ways, so a quick coffee was in order at the quaint coffee shop!  I’d never been, so it was an extra treat that I highly recommend you partake in.  Kellie Brindley Photography 100-13

Be sure to check out my friend, Cicely, of Rusted Van Photography‘s take on our morning in Snoqualmie.  It’s always fun to see how the day looked from another viewpoint!

Thanks Snoqualmie for a fun morning!  We’re already looking forward to our next “Wandering through Washington” adventure.

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