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Wandering through Washington – Winslow Edition

One thing I love about Washington state are the many adventures you can take, all within a few hours of Seattle.  Some of those adventures involve taking a ferry and, for my children, that’s always a winner.  So when Cicely and I started thinking about our February exploration for our ‘Wandering Through Washington’ project, and the best time coincided with mid-winter break for the schools, a ferry ride seemed like a no-brainer!

Our families met on the ferry, and off we went.  A few treats, fresh air and using up some of that energy from waiting in the ferry line, made for a fun trip across the beautiful Puget Sound.

Kellie Brindley Photography wandering through washington bainbridge-1KiahBrindleyKoonce2017.pdf2017-03-16_0001

Once the ferry docks, it’s a quick drive (you can also walk or ride your bike!) up to the main street and the town center called Winslow.  While looking for a parking spot, we stumbled upon the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum.  It was a wonderful little museum and the volunteer there was extremely helpful in telling us about the exhibits.  Having just been the 75th anniversary of the signing of Executive Order 9066, which allowed for the forced internment of Japanese immigrants and American citizens of Japanese descent in 1942, the museum was a good way to teach all the kids (of varying ages) about this unimaginable, but important history. Kellie Brindley Photography wandering through washington bainbridge-4Kellie Brindley Photography wandering through washington bainbridge-5Our next stop, was returning to the main street to explore all the quaint shops, galleries and cafes.  Needless to say the candy shop, Bon Bon Confections, was a huge hit with all of us!  There was delicious fudge, homemade chocolates, taffies and candies of all sorts (including many of my favorite Canadian treats).  Yum!

Kellie Brindley Photography wandering through washington bainbridge-6KiahBrindleyKoonce2017.pdf

From the main street, we decided to walk down to Eagle Harbor.  There are wonderful restaurants and cafes as you walk, which we’ve stopped in on prior visits, but with 4 littles, we needed to get out some energy.  You can actually walk a few miles along the waterfront trail – the part we did was lovely and we all enjoyed looking at the sculptures and the boats.

Kellie Brindley Photography wandering through washington bainbridge-8KiahBrindleyKoonce2017.pdf

By this time, everyone was getting hungry, so we headed back up to Main Street for some lunch.  There were lots of choices and we explored a few more stores on the way.

Kellie Brindley Photography wandering through washington bainbridge-8-2Kellie Brindley Photography wandering through washington bainbridge-9

After lunch, we got back in the car and headed north about 15 minutes to Fay Bainbridge State Park.  What a great discovery!  There was a wonderful beach, lots of driftwood and even, a playground.  You can actually camp here, so we’re adding this to our ‘places to return to’ list. Ending our fun day here was ideal – plus, the sun came out too!  It was definitely easy to stay here for a few hours, especially with sand toys.

CoenBrindleyKoonce2017.pdfKellie Brindley Photography wandering through washington bainbridge-11-2JustinBrindleyKoonce2015_2016.pdfCoenBrindleyKoonce2017.pdf KiahBrindleyKoonce2017.pdf

As the sun began to set and the rain came back, we headed back to the car and the ferry to Seattle.  All in all, it was a pretty packed day, filled with lots of exciting adventures and one I’d recommend for everyone.  Now, I’m already looking forward to our next little town to discover!

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