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What a fun May adventure we had on our travels for ‘Wandering through Washington.’ This month, we headed east to the Cascades and the town of Roslyn in Kittitas County. Roslyn was founded in 1886 as a coal mining town, so much of the downtown area is designated as a National Historic Landmark. Beautiful buildings and history abound throughout.
Kellie Brindley Photography roslyn-2Kellie Brindley Photography roslyn-1

Since it was Memorial Day, we started our visit at the Roslyn Cemetery, to honor those who had made the ultimate sacrifice serving our country. It’s the most unique cemetery that I have ever been to, as it encompasses 26 separate cemeteries formed in the 1800s to reflect the various ethnic and civic lodges of the time. It’s filled with history, and we certainly could have spent an afternoon there.

kellie brindley photorgraphy roslyn 5

Next, we headed back into town to do some wandering. We went to many of the historic spots including the Roslyn Theater, the candy store and, of course, the Brick Tavern!

kellie brindley photography roslyn 6

kellie brindley photography roslyn 7a

The Brick Tavern, founded in 1889, was featured in the hit TV series, Northern Exposure. We hit the bar and had a pint of Spire Mountain. (For the record, this WA made cider was very tasty and I highly recommend giving it a try!) I may have even left with a growler…

A little more wandering, some lunch and then it was time to hit the road home in time for a BBQ.Kellie Brindley Photography roslyn-12Kellie Brindley Photography roslyn-13Kellie Brindley Photography roslyn-14Kellie Brindley Photography roslyn-15

This was pretty much a perfect day! My partner-in-crime always helps make it that way. Be sure to visit Cicely’s take at Rusted Van Photography. And don’t hesitate to make a day trip to Roslyn – there’s lots to do for the whole family!


With another month passing (really, how is it already June?), we found ourselves visiting our next small town. This time we headed south to find sunshine and we discovered the friendly and quaint town of Sumner, located in Pierce County. Even the parking lot was cheerful!

kellie brindley photography Wandering through Washington April-7kellie brindley photography Wandering through Washington April-1kellie brindley photography Wandering through Washington April-13

How lucky for us, that we got to spend time with the great-granddaughter of one of the original settlers and its first mayor, George Ryan, who came west from Wisconsin in 1873! We had a lovely tour of the Ryan house, located at 1228 Main Street, and everyone from the town we encountered was extremely gracious. The historic house even had a meeting of the Sumner chapter of the Rainbow girls while we were there. They, and all the volunteers, taught us a lot about their town, their history and their philanthropic sorority for girls aged 11-20. There’s no doubt, that this was the highlight of our visit for me – be sure to visit the Ryan House when you’re in Sumner!

kellie brindley photography Wandering through Washington April-11kellie brindley photography Wandering through Washington April-8kellie brindley photography Wandering through Washington April-10kellie brindley photography Wandering through Washington April-9


Sumner is known for their daffodils and their Daffodil festival, and despite missing it, seeing so many other flowers and signs of spring was a wonderful second. kellie brindley photography Wandering through Washington April-12kellie brindley photography Wandering through Washington April-13-2

We wandered all around town, visiting its many antique stores and yummy eateries. I even bought myself a classic old book on how to take photos. kellie brindley photography Wandering through Washington April-5kellie brindley photography Wandering through Washington April-3kellie brindley photography Wandering through Washington April-6kellie brindley photography Wandering through Washington April-15

We definitely had a full and extremely fun day! Don’t miss Cicely of Rusted Van Photography‘s take on our adventure – Click here! After all, you know it’ll be good if she’s up for twirling in a random field during our Sumner visit!

kellie brindley photography Wandering through Washington April-2

Thanks Sumner for a great sunshine-filled day – literally and figuratively!


With April nearing its end, it’s time to visit another quaint town in Washington State, and for March, the quaint town of Snohomish, founded in 1858, was the winner. I’ve been to Snohomish numerous times to their wonderful parks and playgrounds, but I’d never visited the historic downtown (listed on the National Register of Historic Places). What a treat! First Street is filled with plenty of antique shops, eateries and taverns to keep you busy for a full afternoon.

Kellie Brindley Photography Snohomish-1Kellie Brindley Photography Snohomish-10Kellie Brindley Photography Snohomish-6

We were lucky to have a day filled with sunshine, so we wandered in and out of shops, spoke to friendly owners and enjoyed the buzz of a beautiful spring day. Kellie Brindley Photography Snohomish-3Kellie Brindley Photography Snohomish-14Kellie Brindley Photography Snohomish-7Kellie Brindley Photography Snohomish-4

Of course, if you’ve heard of Snohomish, you’ve heard about the need to eat some pie, so my dear friend, Cicely and I decided we should probably do what everyone suggests…Kellie Brindley Photography Snohomish-8Kellie Brindley Photography Snohomish-9

I picked the Strawberry Rhubarb, since my great-grandmother and mom used to bake this for me.

After our pie, we returned to the streets and I continued taking photos of eye-catching signs. All in all, it was a truly fun day!


To see Cicely’s take on our adventure, head on over to Rusted Van Photography. Her pie looked much prettier than mine. 🙂


One thing I love about Washington state are the many adventures you can take, all within a few hours of Seattle.  Some of those adventures involve taking a ferry and, for my children, that’s always a winner.  So when Cicely and I started thinking about our February exploration for our ‘Wandering Through Washington’ project, and the best time coincided with mid-winter break for the schools, a ferry ride seemed like a no-brainer!

Our families met on the ferry, and off we went.  A few treats, fresh air and using up some of that energy from waiting in the ferry line, made for a fun trip across the beautiful Puget Sound.

Kellie Brindley Photography wandering through washington bainbridge-1KiahBrindleyKoonce2017.pdf2017-03-16_0001

Once the ferry docks, it’s a quick drive (you can also walk or ride your bike!) up to the main street and the town center called Winslow.  While looking for a parking spot, we stumbled upon the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum.  It was a wonderful little museum and the volunteer there was extremely helpful in telling us about the exhibits.  Having just been the 75th anniversary of the signing of Executive Order 9066, which allowed for the forced internment of Japanese immigrants and American citizens of Japanese descent in 1942, the museum was a good way to teach all the kids (of varying ages) about this unimaginable, but important history. Kellie Brindley Photography wandering through washington bainbridge-4Kellie Brindley Photography wandering through washington bainbridge-5Our next stop, was returning to the main street to explore all the quaint shops, galleries and cafes.  Needless to say the candy shop, Bon Bon Confections, was a huge hit with all of us!  There was delicious fudge, homemade chocolates, taffies and candies of all sorts (including many of my favorite Canadian treats).  Yum!

Kellie Brindley Photography wandering through washington bainbridge-6KiahBrindleyKoonce2017.pdf

From the main street, we decided to walk down to Eagle Harbor.  There are wonderful restaurants and cafes as you walk, which we’ve stopped in on prior visits, but with 4 littles, we needed to get out some energy.  You can actually walk a few miles along the waterfront trail – the part we did was lovely and we all enjoyed looking at the sculptures and the boats.

Kellie Brindley Photography wandering through washington bainbridge-8KiahBrindleyKoonce2017.pdf

By this time, everyone was getting hungry, so we headed back up to Main Street for some lunch.  There were lots of choices and we explored a few more stores on the way.

Kellie Brindley Photography wandering through washington bainbridge-8-2Kellie Brindley Photography wandering through washington bainbridge-9

After lunch, we got back in the car and headed north about 15 minutes to Fay Bainbridge State Park.  What a great discovery!  There was a wonderful beach, lots of driftwood and even, a playground.  You can actually camp here, so we’re adding this to our ‘places to return to’ list. Ending our fun day here was ideal – plus, the sun came out too!  It was definitely easy to stay here for a few hours, especially with sand toys.

CoenBrindleyKoonce2017.pdfKellie Brindley Photography wandering through washington bainbridge-11-2JustinBrindleyKoonce2015_2016.pdfCoenBrindleyKoonce2017.pdf KiahBrindleyKoonce2017.pdf

As the sun began to set and the rain came back, we headed back to the car and the ferry to Seattle.  All in all, it was a pretty packed day, filled with lots of exciting adventures and one I’d recommend for everyone.  Now, I’m already looking forward to our next little town to discover!

Be sure to head on over to Cicely’s blog at Rusted Van Photography to see her beautiful take on the day too.


2017!  (Yes, I know we are over halfway through February, but it’s still 2017!) A new year usually means a new project, so I started brainstorming what the new project could be.  I wanted to push myself in an area that would require more thoughtful compositions and street savvy photography skills, so began my desire to photograph small towns around Washington.  When I mentioned this to my dear friend, who is also a local photographer, she was excited to join in and even branded our new project for us – “Wandering through Washington”. (Thanks Cicely!)

For January, we decided to wander through historic Snoqualmie.  We visit Snoqualmie, as a family, quite often – there are great parks, classes, yummy restaurants, an old-fashioned candy/ice cream shop, gorgeous falls and mountains, trains, and even a herd of elk!  For this project, we’re primarily focusing on the main streets, but I can assure you, there are lots of other things to photograph and do there.  It’s located approximately 25 miles east of Seattle and has a population of about 13,000 people.

We met up on the main street and wandered over to the train station and the Northwest Railway Museum.  Kellie Brindley Photography 100-1Kellie Brindley Photography 100-3Kellie Brindley Photography 100-4Kellie Brindley Photography 100-5

Then we decided to head over to the shops.  There’s an amazing Centennial mural based on a 1949 photograph by Ward Keller when Snoqualmie was a big mill town.Kellie Brindley Photography 100-6

Our wandering took us to the antique store, where we spent a fair amount of our time.  It was at his point that I decided to switch to my Lensbaby.Kellie Brindley Photography 100-7Kellie Brindley Photography 100-8Kellie Brindley Photography 100-9Kellie Brindley Photography 100-10

With a park nearby, we wandered over to get some more sun and take a peek at the river.  Kellie Brindley Photography 100-11

It was almost time to part ways, so a quick coffee was in order at the quaint coffee shop!  I’d never been, so it was an extra treat that I highly recommend you partake in.  Kellie Brindley Photography 100-13

Be sure to check out my friend, Cicely, of Rusted Van Photography‘s take on our morning in Snoqualmie.  It’s always fun to see how the day looked from another viewpoint!

Thanks Snoqualmie for a fun morning!  We’re already looking forward to our next “Wandering through Washington” adventure.


Happy 2017!

We’ve made it to the end of another year and with that, the end of our Once Upon a Time in the World project.  It’s been such fun being a part of it!  For our finale, we chose the time of 8:15 and left it open for all the contributors to choose AM or PM…or both!  Here’s a look at my month.

Kellie Brindley Photography Franklin Falls-1Kellie Brindley Photography Franklin Falls-2Kellie Brindley Photography Christmas-1Kellie Brindley Photography Christmas-2

Please be sure to follow the circle all the way around to see what the last month looked like in other parts of the world.  You can start with my fellow Canadian, the wonderful Dawn of Beanpod Photography.  Thanks again to all the artists for participating and to all of you for following along!



Oh December, at one time you seemed so far away, and suddenly, you’re halfway over!  Growing up in Canada, December (and the holiday season) was always filled with white from all our snow.  We can’t always count on that on the West Coast.  The good news is, this year, we’ve had more than one day of snow to help us slow down and celebrate the season.
Kellie Brindley Photography snowKellie Brindley Photography December is whiteKellie Brindley Photography Dec is white 4

We hope everyone is having as much fun as us, no matter what your weather or how you celebrate.  Happy holidays to all!

Kellie Brindley Photography Dec is white-9

This post is part of the wonderful Artists Inspired Blog Circle, which is made up of an exceptionally talented group of photographers from all walks of life, from all over the world. They are wives, mothers, friends, daughters and visual storytellers who draw from their own experiences to create art that is inspiring, unique, beautiful and thought-provoking.  Please be sure to follow the entire circle starting with the talented Ashley of Roots to Nest Photographs.


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  • Holly - Your work amazes me, my friend. Beautiful month!ReplyCancel

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  • Sharleen - I love that you have snow and that you got out into it to have some fun. I have to say though it really looks cold. I love the expression on your daughters face in the last image. It had to be cold biting into that piece of ice.ReplyCancel

  • Liz Willson - These are amazing, as always. The one of your daughter with the snow in her mouth is perfect – it screams childhood and is so relatable. <3 And the one of "santa" in the water is so striking. <3 Glad you are enjoying the snow!ReplyCancel

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Hooray, hooray, it’s time for a holiday giveaway! I’ve teamed up with Clickin Moms and Click Magazine to give away an annual subscription to Click! How amazing is that?

To enter, simply:
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Deadline to enter is 12/14/16 at midnight PST. Winner will be revealed on Thursday morning! And don’t worry, if you’re already a subscriber, they’ll just add another year to your subscription! Please note the print magazine is only available to US and Canadian residents. International recipients will receive a digital-only subscription. Good luck to all!


November came and went so fast, with holidays and celebrations and adjusting to the time change, with its consequential darkness immediately following school dismissal.  Our time for our ‘Once Upon A Time in the World‘ project this month was 2:15pm.  Here’s what a small piece of ours looked like:Kellie Brindley Photography ouatitw-4

Kellie Brindley Photography ouatitw-2Kellie Brindley Photography ouatitw-3Kellie Brindley Photography ouatitw-1

And one of my favorite parts is seeing how the group’s times all come together!  Here’s what 2:15pm looked like around North America.


It’s a short blog circle this month, with all the holiday craziness, so please be sure to head on over to my lovely friend, Kimberly’s beautiful website – Kimberly Muro Photography – and give her your support!  Thanks so much and happy holiday season to everyone!


Oh, how I love the color orange.  Orange is such a happy color and pops of orange always put a smile upon my face.  I once read that is was the color of optimism, adventure, and risk-taking.  What a great color!


Truly, for me, it wasn’t always that way.  When I was little, my mom painted our kitchen orange and I remember thinking it was such a weird color to paint our walls.  Why would we want to look at that every day?  It was a lot to take in every morning, even as a morning person.  Now I completely understand!  I wonder if my kids will say the same of me?

Kellie Brindley Photography November the color orange-4

Of course, autumn screams orange out in the country where we live.

Kellie Brindley Photography November the color orange-1Kellie Brindley Photography November the color orange-2Kellie Brindley Photography oct flood-2

Wherever you are, I hope you’re enjoying this season of orange as well!

This post is part of the wonderful Artists Inspired Blog Circle, which is made up of an exceptionally talented group of photographers from all walks of life, from all over the world. They are wives, mothers, friends, daughters and visual storytellers who draw from their own experiences to create art that is inspiring, unique, beautiful and thought-provoking.  Please be sure to follow the entire circle starting with the talented Ashley of Roots to Nest Photographs.


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Another month has drawn to a close and we creep ever closer to a new year.  This was our tenth month for our Once Upon a Time in the World Project, and for this month, the time was 6:15pm.  Our once golden hour that was filled with all things soccer and a photography conference, became blue hour filled with parties and all things Halloween.  Kellie Brindley Photography OUATITWKellie Brindley Photography OUATITW-4Kellie Brindley Photography OUATITW-2
Kellie Brindley Photography trick or treat 2
Here’s what 6:15pm looked like around the world.  Next, be sure to head over to my talented friend, Dawn’s website at Beanpole Photography to see what her 6:15pm looks like!2016-10-31_0003
  • Janet - Oh, Kellie, these are beautiful! You can really tell that the evening light is changing in these. Thank you for sharing!ReplyCancel


I just love this family and loved this session very much.  It was so fun watching the kids go from a bit shy to totally relaxed and doing their own thing.  How amazing when kids are doing their own thing!  We got so many great photos of the kids – which was mom’s goal and of the family – which was important to me, because moms and dads, you want to be in these photos too.  I couldn’t decide which ones to share, so here’s a little mix!  Mom already let me know she’s hung some on her wall.  Mission accomplished!

Thanks to the K family for choosing me to document your day.  I hope you had as much fun as I did.

  • Melanie K - Kellie, I can’t thank you enough for your amazing work on this shoot! You let the kids be kids and they loved it. Running, playing with sticks, investigating slugs…all which resulted in amazing shots. My house looks like a Kellie Brindley studio…and I LOVE it! Thanks again for everything.ReplyCancel

    • kellie - Thank-you Melanie for trusting me! I truly enjoyed every minute!ReplyCancel


Pink, pink and more pink!  This month is all about pink and we definitely have a lot of pink at our house, with 2 kids who love the color!

In between storms, we went out to enjoy the beautiful leaves and colors before the winds take them away.

We picked the last of our sunflowers, so that we could continue to enjoy them.

And with flowers, I can’t help but think of Pike Place. There are so many beautiful flowers whenever you visit – lots of pink, even in October!

You can see in our house, pink tends to be a happy color. Controversial or not, when many people see the color pink, it brings to mind Breast Cancer Awareness and support for those facing it.  We’ve had two amazing family members endure this terrible disease in the last few years and come out the other side healthier and stronger than ever. So for us, it continues to be a happy color. Sadly, for many, it’s not.  There truly can never be enough support to find a cure, so if you want to donate or find a way to support women (or men!) in your own community, be sure to head over to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.  Thank-you.

And this post is part of the wonderful Artists Inspired Blog Circle, which is made up of an exceptionally talented group of photographers from all walks of life, from all over the world. They are wives, mothers, friends, daughters and visual storytellers who draw from their own experiences to create art that is inspiring, unique, beautiful and thought-provoking. Head on over to the amazing Ashley Shope Photography to continue on with all the beauty celebrating pink!

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  • Sharleen - Kellie I love your images. So sorry about the arm in the sling. I hope she is feeling better. I love the sunflare in that image. I love the image of the flowers as well, it is so bright and colorfulReplyCancel

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  • Jenn - Gorgeous collection of {Pink}, Kellie. <3 Love, Jenn -Pretty Pixels Photography xoReplyCancel


Oh, 3:15pm, you’re not the easiest time to document, but I’m sure glad we did.  This time is mostly about the last few minutes of hanging with my preschooler, rushing to the bus stop, my grade schooler getting home from school and subsequently rushing off to our next activity.  It was fun to really stop and think about this time of day and our activities.  Of course, weekends added in some extra entertainment!

Here’s what 3:15pm looked like around the world in our wonderful Once Upon a Time in the Wold group. Fabulous, right?

Be sure to follow the blog circle by continuing on to my talented friend, Dawn of Beanpod Photography.  Her 3:15 was filled with joy!



With September brings new schedules and busy days.  The days of lazy summer seem to stretch further and further away.  One of our favorite places to go remains beautiful (any season really) and spending time there brings glimpses of time spent without clocks.  Here’s a snippet of the beautiful Gold Creek – part of a new project, the Artists Inspired Blog Circle, that I’m participating in with some extremely talented artists.  Our focus this month is the color gold to honor those with faced with or touched by childhood cancer.

Please be sure to continue on in the blog circle to the amazing Ashley Shope to see what the color of gold means to her.  I just adore her take on this month’s theme!

The Artists Inspired Blog Circle is made up of an exceptionally talented group of photographers from all walks of life, from all over the world. They are wives, mothers, friends, daughters and visual storytellers who draw from their own experiences to create art that is inspiring, unique, beautiful and thought-provoking.

  • Liz - What a true treasure: this special place for your family and the sweet memories you are creating there. Such lovely images that bring a sense of tranquility and curiosity. <3ReplyCancel

  • Holly Nicole - Your work amazes me!ReplyCancel

    • kellie - Aw, thank-you doesn’t seem enough! I truly appreciate it!ReplyCancel

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  • Rachel - So, so beautiful Kellie!ReplyCancel

    • kellie - Thank-you for your kindness, Rachel!ReplyCancel

  • Shelby Leigh Photography - Absolutely beautiful Golden captures, Kellie!! What a beautiful little getaway that you found, and so appropriately named! And, sweet little one…what happened to the arm?ReplyCancel

    • kellie - Thank-you very much, Shelby!! Yes, a slip-n-slide playdate gone awry! Oops.ReplyCancel

  • Nikki S. - Oh my! That location and these images are just stunning!!!!ReplyCancel

    • kellie - So kind!! Thank-you so much Nikki!ReplyCancel

  • Sharleen - What a gorgeous place to visit. I love the view and all the golden flowers. I hope you had a special time.ReplyCancel

    • kellie - Aw, thanks Sharleen! We are definitely very lucky to live close-by!ReplyCancel

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    • kellie - Thank-you so much, Kristina!! I really appreciate your kind words!ReplyCancel

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September is here and the air already feels crisper – August was a month of fun, heat and lots of sunshine.  For our ‘Once Upon A Time in the World‘ project, we chose a time of 7:15pm (perfect for those sunny nights).  Here’s a bit of our month, followed by the beautiful group collage.  Be sure to head on over to my talented friend Dawn’s website for Beanpod Photography to see her take on our designated time.  You don’t want to miss her wonderful Muskoka photos!   It sure makes me miss home. 


Wait, it’s August?  How did that happen?  I truly have no idea, but the one great thing is, another month has been completed in our, “Once Upon A Time in the World” project.  I just love seeing all the photos from all the participating photographers come together.  July was a beautiful sunshine and water-filled month for certain, especially with our set time of 11:15am.

OUATITW July template

Here are a few more of my photos taken throughout July, including some from our wonderful town’s Independence Day celebration.

Kellie Brindley Photography July OUATITW 5OUATITW JulyKellie Brindley Photography July OUATITW 4Kellie Brindley Photography July OUATITW 2Kellie Brindley Photography July OUATITW 7Kellie Brindley Photography July OUATITW 8Kellie Brindley Photography July OUATITW 6Kellie Brindley Photography July OUATITW 9

Thanks so much for looking and be sure to follow the entire circle to see all the amazing images.  Start here with my dear friend, Kaylie of Quiet Footsteps.


Another month has been completed in our “Once Upon a Time in the World” project and this month our designated time was 8:15pm.  It proved to be a hard time for many of us, but when you look at everyone’s photos, I’d say it ended up being just as beautiful as ever!  It never fails how much I love seeing them as a collective.  My personal favorites are below, followed by our collage and then don’t forget to follow the whole circle by heading over to the amazing Janet of Janet Holsinger Photography.

Cheers to making it halfway through our year!

June Collage

Once Upon a Time in the World


Hooray, it’s June 1st, and that means we’re creeping ever closer to summer and all things sunshine!  May was an amazing month truth be told and for our ‘Once Upon a Time in the World’ project we chose to capture our lives at 4:15pm.  Here’s a bit of what our month looked like, followed by the beautiful group collective.

Kellie_Brindley_OUATITWKellie_Brindley_OUATITW May-4

Kellie_Brindley_OUATITW May-5Kellie_Brindley_OUATITW May-3

Kellie_Brindley_OUATITW May-2

Kellie_Brindley_OUATITW May-6


Here’s what 4:15pm looked like around the world for May!  Be sure to follow the circle to see what my dear friend and wonderful artist, Kaylie of Quiet Footsteps was up to!



Another month completed in our project documenting what is happening in our lives, around the world, at a certain time each month.  For this month it was 9:15am and, if you know us, that’s usually a very busy time!  Here are a few of our adventures, followed by a compilation of all the amazing artists participating.  Please be sure to continue on to see what my sweet friend, Kaylie of Quiet Footsteps was up to this month as well.

OUATITW-April-KB-PhotographyAll the Once Upon a Time in the World contributors for this month –