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It’s really no secret that I’m constantly amazed by the fabulous photographers I’ve encountered in my journey.  I can rattle off a list, and always at the top would be Summer Murdock.  If, by some small chance, you have’t heard of her, hurry yourself to her website and be prepared to be amazed at her use of light (among so many other things!)

Two years ago, I had the amazing opportunity to take an in-person class with her, and then recently, one of her online classes.  To say she is a wonderful teacher, is an understatement.  Lucky for us, her teaching and inspiration doesn’t stop once the class is over.  Every month, previous students take part in a project called The Luminance Project.  This month, the quote used for inspiration came from Brene Brown – “I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness – it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practicing gratitude.”

Be sure to head over The Luminance Project page and check them out – what a beautiful month!

Kellie Brindley spring freelensed day 2


How is it suddenly April?  I feel like I just posted our photos for February and here we are in the thick of spring!!  (No complaints on that, of course.)  Our chosen time for this month was 5:15pm.  Truth be told, that’s typically a hard time at our house.  I think we still managed to catch some fun moments and it got me shooting at a time I wouldn’t normally be picking up my camera.  So win-win!


Kellie Brindley march lollipopKellie Brindley march rainbow

Kellie Brindley instagram lazy daysKellie Brindley OWS week 11-1


What’s even more fun than just seeing our family’s month in time, is seeing everyone’s photos come together.  Awesome, right?  Be sure to follow around the circle to see what else all the amazing artists were up to, starting with my sweet friend, Kelly of Kelly Smith Creative.


Once Upon a Time in the World March


Hard to believe we’ve already closed out a second month in 2016.  For February, as part of our “Once Upon A Time in the World” project, we chose to focus on moments in time at 12:15pm.  I think we’d all agree that this time wasn’t the easiest of times, but we all loved seeing it come together.  I’ve included more of my favorites are below.  Then be sure to continue following the whole circle to see more beautiful moments starting with my dear friend, Kimberly Muro, of Kimberly Muro Photography.

February 12:15


My favorites:


kellie_brindley_daddykellie_brindley OWS week 3-2


kellie_brindley_bat glovesfeb 2

once upon a time feb




Another weekend has passed, and so too, has the beautiful documentation of our lives as part of the wonderful Our Weekend Stories collaborative.  You can see all the amazing photos celebrating the every day here – Our Weekend Stories.  And be sure to check out our Facebook page to share your photos to our wall.

Here are a few of my favorites from my weekend and our adventures at Disney.

kellie-brindley-OWS week 5-1

kellie-brindley-OWS week 5-5kellie-brindley-OWS week 5-1-2

kellie-brindley-OWS disney splash-5




Our Weekend Stories is a fabulous collaborative among artists, striving to document the every day, those so-called ordinary moments, those simple moments we don’t want to forget, those pieces that make up our lives.  What a complete honor and privilege to be included among them.  Below are a few of my favorites from the past weekend.  Be sure to follow through to see all the beauty that has been captured.  We’re always looking for more featured artists, so be sure to stop by our Facebook page and share your every day!

our weekend stories-6

our weekend stories-3


weekend stories 1

our weekend stories-4


When I rekindled my love for photography, I found myself in a class with a group of amazing women from all around the country and the world.  Throughout the (now) years, we’ve continued to learn together and support one another.  So when it was time to start a project for 2016, it was a no-brainer to collaborate with these talented artists!  We’ve chosen to focus on moments in time and for this month we found ourselves shooting at 7:15am.  Be sure to follow the circle to see all the beauty, starting with Lauren of Lauren Henry Photography.

Here are a few of my favorites from the month.  Don’t miss scrolling all the way to the bottom to see the storyboard from all the contributors.


a typical 7-15am

once upon a time in the world -4

early mornings

morning 2016

And here are everyone’s favorites.  Looks beautiful, right?


I’m already excited to see next month’s!


With Thanksgiving complete, so too is our fun and inspiring Fall Freelensed Project.  Our challenge was to take one freelensed photo a day, from Sept. 23rd until Nov. 23rd.  Here are just a few of my favorites from the past 2 months.

freelensed fall template


Be sure to continue the circle and head over to the amazing Justyna Butler’s page to see her beautiful freelensed fall images.  Don’t forget to share the love!

Thank-you for looking!